Restorations / Performance

Specializing in CFM56 and JT8D engines, Global Engine Maintenance has capability to perform up to full performance work-scopes. Our precise inventory management ensures complete material support for fast turnaround times. GEM’s experience and history in complete engine refurbishments spans decades for both its management and mechanics, who have repaired thousands of commercial jet engines.

Work is carried out in accordance with detailed and customized work-scopes for each engine. Exchange inventory and highly skilled technicians ensure the most aggressive turn-around times.

hospital & surgical

Engines removed for specific “cause” include FOD and excessive HPT nozzle damage, along with module swaps, model conversions, gearbox changes and fan replacements, which can be carried out with little downtime through surgical work scopes. The engines are positioned in shop bays specifically designated for limited work, where the engine is swarmed with highly skilled, agile personnel and the necessary material to get the engine in-and-out. These minimal, limited repairs and surgical strikes keep costs low and ensure turnaround is measured in days rather than weeks or months.

We design our processes and execute in a manner that prevents work scopes and costs from creeping up unnecessarily.

We truly have your best interest in Mind!


Field Service And ON-Wing Support

GEM has resources and material kitted to travel anywhere in the world in a moment’s notice to provide lightning-fast service for unexpected maintenance events or planned maintenance actions. These field services include fan and blade changes, top case repairs, accessories or QEC reconfigurations, engine model conversions, troubleshooting, and many more. GEM’s experienced and dedicated staff is available 24 hours-a day, 365 days-a-year.

Engine Trading

Engine trading refers to the purchase, sale or exchange of complete engines. With our engine trading options, GEM brings customers the best alternatives for their particular needs. If you are looking to avoid delays and the cost over-runs that often destroy budgets, call GEM and ask us about our engine trading and planned-build programs.


Piece Part Repairs

As a complete engine maintenance repair agency, GEM has in-depth capabilities and the necessary skills and equipment to repair many engine parts and modules. A complete listing of GEM’s piece part and module repair capabilities can be acquired from our customer service team.





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